SHIVA – the nothingness

Not Who but WHAT is Shiva


For a believer he is God, for a Yogi he is Aadiyogi and Mahayogi, for the west he is a mythological character, for a novice he is a devil and a destroyer, in Chakras he is Sahsrara, in distinction he is Purusha. In description, Devas and Danavs all worship him. He doesn’t discriminate, there is no good and evil for him, no right or wrong. He doesn’t subscribe to morality.

For a seeker, limiting himself to knowing “who” is Shiva would be impeding his journey. Knowing “what” is Shiva will take him to a more comprehensive truth. The more you get closer to “what”, you’ll initially find it an antithesis of “who” and ultimately you’ll see “who” is “what” and “what” is “who”. They are different yet one.

The whole existence in essence has dual character. There is light and dark, there is good and evil, there is physical there is non-physical, there is male and female, there is permanent and impermanent. The earlier belief in Science was that everything has a source, now the new findings say everything appears from nothing and disappears into nothingness. The question that human mind would find hard to fathom is what is “nothingness”. In the eastern spirituality, its the Shiva or the Purush and the whole creation represent Shakti or Prukriti. In Chinese culture the duality of existence is described as Yin and Yang.

Now when one try to understand “nothingness” with his limited mind, its hard to ever understand it. That’s why Shiva is described neither as mind or intelligence nor ego but the supreme consciousness. Shiva means “which is not”, nothingness means “no thing”.


If you look into the space, all the heavenly bodies, the planets, the Sun, the Stars and the Moons, they are just small objects placed in the Universe, the Universe is mainly space. Its all a like a small happening on a vast endless nothingness. Its nothingness only that can hold everything. Something can’t hold “everything” but “nothingness” does hold everything. It is everywhere and in everything, i.e. omnipresent. It is indeed powerful, i.e. omnipotent. This earth looks like a big planet but its less than a speck of dust in the Cosmos. Tomorrow if it disappears from the Universe, nobody would give a damn about it. But the nothingness and the dark will always be there. It was there before, it is there and it’ll always be there. It has no birth and no death. Its permanent and everything else, even the Sun or the Planets or the light are just a small happening and impermanent.